Francisco Alaniz Uribe

An alumnus of our faculty, Francisco practiced in Mexico before returning to teach in 2014. He is co-director of the Urban Lab, and his research is focused on urban planning and neighbourhood form. View profile >>

Getachew Assefa

Getachew is one of the world's leading experts in life cycle assessment. His research focus is on energy innovation. View profile >>

Marc Joseph Boutin

Marc teaches design and is an award winning architect and founder of Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative, a firm well known for its sensitive and creative public projects. View profile >>

John Brown

John is the dean of the School. He is a registered architect and founding principal of the architectural firm Housebrand. View profile >>

Enrica Dall'Ara

Enrica teaches landscape architecture and urban design, and Interim Associate Dean (Planning and Landscape). She is the founder and director of P'ARC Architecture del Paesaggio in Italy. View profile >>

Alberto de Salvatierra

Alberto is Assistant Professor of Urbanism and Data in Architecture and Director of the Center for Civilization. His research focuses on cities, society, and civilization. View profile >>



Loraine Fowlow

Loraine Fowlow

Loraine Fowlow is an associate professor in the architecture program (on leave).

Kris Fox

Kris teaches landscape architecture and urban design. His research is focused on mass customization and designing outdoor play spaces for children. View profile >>

S. Craig Gerlach

Craig is a professor in the Department of Anthropology and Academic Coordinator, Sustainability, for the University of Calgary. View profile >>

Caroline Hachem-Vermette

Caroline teaches in the architecture program. Her key areas of research include high-energy performance building envelopes, smart and net-zero energy, and passive energy strategies. View profile >>

Catherine Hamel

Catherine is the Associate Dean (Architecture) and an architecture professor who advocates for social justice in the built environment. She is a talented visual artist and regularly exhibits her work. View profile >>

Tawab Hlimi

Tawab practiced landscape architecture at two top Canadian firms before joining our faculty. His research focuses on integrated landscape infrastructure. View profile >>

Jason S. Johnson

Jason is an associate professor of architecture and is the co-founder of the Laboratory of Integrative Design. His research focuses on digital fabrication and robotics.  View profile >>

Thomas Patrick Keenan

Tom is an expert on cyber security and crime prevention in the built environment. He is a sought after speaker and consultant. View profile >>

Youjung Kim

Dr. Youjung Kim has taught representation methods, urban ecology and urban planning in the developing world. His research interests include land use change prediction modeling, environmental planning, flood vulnerability, community/urban scaled design and scenario planning for climate change. 

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Rebecca Laycock Pedersen

Rebecca is a transdisciplinary researcher and educator working in the field of sustainability science. Her research focuses on urban agriculture, sustainable food, sustainability education, and participatory/action-oriented methods.

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Graham David Livesey

Graham teaches design, architectural history, and urban design. After an active career as a licensed architect, he has authored several books on architectural history and theory. View profile >>

Joseli Macedo

Joseli Macedo joined SAPL in May 2021. She is a teacher, scholar and administrator with a wide range of experience and accomplishment leading interdisciplinary programs in the United States, Brazil, India and Australia. View profile >>

David Monteyne

David is an architectural historian whose research focus is 19th and 20th century North American architecture. View profile >>

Alicia Nahmad Vazquez

Alicia Nahmad Vazquez is assistant professor of robotics and digital fabrication. View profile >>

Mathis Natvik

Mathis is an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture. A consistent theme in Mathis' academic and practice expertise is the integration of design and ecology. View profile >>

Fabian Neuhaus

Fabian is an urbanist who trained and worked in Europe before joining our School. His research interests include co-creation and participatory design, urban planning and urban design. View profile >> 

Beverly Sandalack

Beverly teaches landscape architecture and urban design. She is a co-director of the Urban Lab with research on urban morphology, cultural landscapes and the relationships between urban form and public health. View profile >>

Zhongming Shi

Zhongming joins the faculty via ETH Zurich’s Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. His research focuses on energy-driven urban design, and highlights the interdependencies between urban design and energy performance.

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Brian Robert Sinclair

Brian is a former dean of the School and teaches in the architecture program. He is a passionate educator with research interests that include agile architecture and sustainability. View profile >>

Mauricio Soto Rubio

Mauricio practiced architecture in Europe and taught in Stuttgart and San Francisco before joining our faculty. He is the founding partner of the Studio for Lightweight Design. View profile >>

Joshua Taron

Josh is the Associate Dean (Research + Innovation). He is a co-founder of the Laboratory for Integrative Design with research interests ranging from computation to circular economy. View profile >>

Sasha Tsenkova

Sasha is a member of the planning program. Her research interests can be broadly categorized as comparative housing and urban research, and sustainable cities and planning. View profile >>

Mary-Ellen Tyler

Mary-Ellen is an alumna, former dean of the School, and professor. Her research engages ecological design, environmental planning, and regional landscape ecology. View profile >>

Barry Wylant

Barry is an alumnus and the Graduate Program Director and is responsible for our research-based degrees. He is the founder of Q Industrial Design, a consulting firm for new product design and development. View profile >> 


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