Nooshin Esmaeili

Doctorate Research Lead

Nooshin Esmaeili

Contact Info
+1 (403)-220-3080
Professional Faculties 3165


PhD. Environmental Design/Architecture, (Candidate), University of Calgary

Master of Architecture (M.Arch), University of Calgary

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.FA), (With Distinction) 

Research Interests

Quality of Life (QOL)
Transcendental Architecture
Sacred Space
Spirit of Place
Persian Architecture
Environmental Psychology
Conscious Design

Nooshin is a Registered Architect in Canada, a researcher, a yoga teacher & a nature lover and currently is a Ph.D. candidate. After graduating with a Master of Architecture from EVDS – Known today as SAPL, she worked with many well-known architectural firms. Nooshin has always been intrigued by the quality of space and its impact on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In following her lifelong quest of linking the ‘Sense of Self’ with architecture, her goal is to investigate how architects/designers can enhance the quality of space to achieve well-being and overall health by bridging the gap between the world within (Inner) and the world without (outer). Nooshin is examining the qualities of our built environment that prove timeless and touch all individuals despite their religion, background, language, or ethnicity. She aims to mainly explore the concept of “harmony” along with “Flow & Unity” in the design of transcendental places, through the lens of mysticism in the wisdom tradition – with a focus on Persian Architecture.

She is also interested in examining and reviewing human spatial perception and how humans experience their environmental surroundings. Her research will be drawing upon both fields of architecture and neuroscience. Nooshin attempts to identify some of the properties of human-environmental cognition as well as provide a better understanding of how environmental cognition can assist architects and designers in creating enhanced spaces. Through recognizing how the human brain perceives and understands spaces, her research anticipates offering some useful design elements and properties that can be used in making and transcendental architecture.

Nooshin is currently a sessional Studio Instructor at the University of Calgary as well as a Research Assistant and Chair of the Graduate Student Committee for the Canada SSHRC grant “Quality in Canada’s Built Environment: Roadmaps to Equity, Social Value, and Sustainability”.