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About the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Welcome to the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, where we research the future of architecture, planning and landscape architecture, prepare our students for exciting and meaningful professional careers, and curate public conversations about city building. Together, our students and faculty explore disruptive design strategies and social innovations that will help make the world more resilient, equitable, vibrant and healthy. It is important work that will make a real, long-lasting difference. 


We offer accredited professional Master’s degree programs in architecture, planning, and landscape architecture. Graduating from one of these programs is the first step to becoming a licensed practitioner. For undergraduates interested in preparing for these degrees or simply wanting to learn more about design and city building we have a stream of introductory undergraduate courses and a minor in architectural studies. Our research degrees at the Master’s and PhD level offer early- and mid-career design professionals the opportunity to explore in great depth an impactful and relevant research topic in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture or planning.


We are a diverse group of people with a variety of expertise committed to disrupting the status quo and improving the quality of the built and natural environment.  

Shared Actions in Response to Racial Injustice

The student association and leadership team of the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape (SAPL) condemn systemic racism, bigotry, discrimination, hate and abuse of power. To those who have been, and are being harmed by these actions, we are here to listen, support and effect change.

History - 50 Years

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) was established in 1971 as the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS). It was originally intended to be Alberta’s professional architecture school. However, in response to the birth of the environmental movement and the zeitgeist of the late 1960’s which questioned the orthodoxy of siloed professional disciplines, the vision was expanded and the Faculty was founded on a radical ideological premise of interdisciplinary cross-scalar environmental design which gave the faculty its name and shaped its approach to teaching and research.


Our school offers accredited professional programs in architecture, planning and landscape architecture. Graduating from one of these programs is the first step to becoming a licensed practitioner. Our architecture and landscape architecture degrees are the only accredited programs for these professions in Alberta.


Whether on main campus or at the City Building Design Lab, our studios, galleries and workshops provide inspiring places for experimentation, collaboration and design excellence. 


The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape is deeply connected to our community. We bring local practitioners and global experts into the classroom to bring real-world learning experiences to our students. Our researchers collaborate with the City of Calgary, industry stakeholders, civil society groups, and the public to redefine the future of city building, for Calgary and beyond. In turn, our passionate community of supporters give their time, expertise, and funds to help us build a School of global reach and reputation that is committed to bringing relevant and impactful change to our city.

The Future of Architecture

If you want to glimpse the future of architecture, look no further than downtown Calgary and the University of Calgary campus.

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