Entrepreneurial Design Thinking

Located in Canada’s most enterprising city, we educate students to use the power of entrepreneurial design thinking to develop disruptive strategies and social innovations that make our cities more resilient, equitable, vibrant, and healthy.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Design studios include community and industry involvement, and design-build initiatives so students can help develop real, impactful solutions while building a strong portfolio.

Design through Making

Student Work

Workshop and digital fabrication labs foster a hands-on culture of makers and doers, allowing you to put theory into practice and prepare you to the future of practice.

Student Life

Student experience - Tijuana

Students benefit from small class sizes, great facilities, a supportive learning culture, and an active student association who organize social events and industry mixers throughout the year.

Global Expertise

Global Expertise

Our visiting expert-in-residence program brings world-leading practitioners and academics to the School to lecture and work with students.


Facilities and Workshop Bookings

In addition to a four-storey building on campus, the City Building Design Lab brings students and researchers into the heart of downtown.

Block Week Program

Block Week Courses - Taylor

Our program of one-week intensive electives courses allows students to tailor their education to their professional interests. These courses deepen the student’s knowledge base.

Study Abroad

Tokyo 2017 - sinclair

The study abroad program gives you the opportunity to live and study in a different cultural context such as Spain, Japan, Switzerland, and Mexico.

Community Connect

Alumni- MODA

Many of the courses involve direct engagement with local industry and professional partners, the City of Calgary, neighborhood groups, as well as the public.

Robotic Arm Art by David Schiwy 2017

Each year, Jason Johnson, director of the Laboratory of Integrative Design, along with Guy Gardner, director of fabrication, teach an Introduction to Robotic Fabrication course at the University of Calgary. This project by student David Schiwy explores robotic fabrication through completion of a self portrait. This is done while working through the challenges and constraints of art through an industrial robotic arm, designing and building a robotic tool, and creating a tool path communicative of a self portrait. Schiwy explores these challenges through paint pouring.

Robotic Arm Art by David Schiwy 2017

Transparency by Anna Guan, Brendan Webb, Judy Liu, Mac Mcginn, Marina Malik, Xuefei Wang, 2020

Spring 2020 - Guy Gardner, LID Director of Fabrication, taught a Computational Design in Architecture course at the University of Calgary. This project titled Transparency by students Anna Guan, Brendan Webb, Judy Liu, Mac Mcginn, Marina Malik, and Xuefei Wang explores this topic thorough the use of data to shape space, provide transparency to public infrastructure and overall increase public engagement. These elements include a breathable media facade, adaptable columns, and kinetic floor panels, which respond to user interaction and data collected from public opinions via kiosks and a phone app of city projects.

Transparency by Anna Guan, Brendan Webb, Judy Liu, Mac Mcginn, Marina Malik, Xuefei Wang, 2020

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