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Class of 2019: Students envision practical, low-carbon ways to build cities

Mitacs Accelerate program celebrates first graduates ...

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How are we going to re-design our cities to combat the unfolding climate emergency?

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UCalgary's new Doctor of Design program helps established professionals elevate their practice

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Students and world experts explore affordable housing solutions for Canadian cities

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Class of 2019: Students Envision Practical, Low Carbon Ways to Build Cities

Mitacs Accelerate program celebrates first graduates

The design, construction and operation of buildings account for nearly 40 per cent of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions. During this year’s Global Climate Strike, the Canadian design industry publicly committed to eliminating waste and harm to the environment. Part of this commitment included support for a shift to circular design: mimicking natural ecosystems in our man-made systems in a bid to eliminate waste.

Four postgraduate students at the University of Calgary kept sustainability top of mind as they carried out their final research projects. Working with design studios such as 3XN/GXN, Dialog Design, McKinley Burkhart, and Studio North, the newest alumni of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) provide practical insight into how design and planning can be deployed to reduce overall carbon impact. Read more »

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