Alicia Nahmad

Associate Professor

Alicia Nahmad Vazquez is the founder of Architecture Extrapolated (R-Ex). For the past 5 years she has been a studio master at the Architectural Associational Design Research Laboratory (DRL) master’s program. As a research-based architectural designer, Alicia explores materials and digital design and fabrication technologies along with the digitization of building trades and the wisdom of traditional building cultures. Her projects include the construction of award-winning ‘Knit-Candela’ and diverse collaborations with practice and academic institutions.

She holds a PhD in human-robot collaborative (HRC) design from Cardiff University and a MArch from the AADRL. Alicia previously worked on developing design tools for practices like Populous and Zaha Hadid Architects. Alicia has also been an Artist-In-Residence at Autodesk Pier 9 where she focuses on developing novel designer-machine collaborative architectural design processes. Through the use of machine learning she enabled robot, material and designer to be creative partners. 

Alicia has taught and lectured extensively in Latin America and Europe.  Her work has been published and presented at various events including AD, UK Construction Week, TxA, IJAC, IASS, Acadia 2010 – 2019, London Festival of Architecture, Worlds Architects Congress and different digital based media. She has also taught design-fabrication workshops and delivered lectures on related topics at institutions such as UNAM Mexico, IAAC Barcelona, KADK Copenhagen, Tec de Monterrey Mexico, Belas Artes Sao Paulo, PUC Rio de Janeiro, Hunan University Changsha, AA visiting school Brazil, India and China. Alicia has been an invited critic at various institutions in the US, Mexico and UK.


Founder, Architecture Extrapolated I R-Ex