Request to take SAPL Graduate & ARST Minor Courses

Course Enrollment Request


Normally, it is acceptable for non-SAPL students (including Open Studies Students*) to enroll into SAPL courses with permission from the course instructor. Occasionally, these requests vet through other members of the faculty, such as an Associate Dean or a Graduate Program Director (GPD).

The information provided within this Course Enrollment Request form will help the instructor to evaluate the student's purpose of taking their course. Please complete the form in full and click submit at the bottom.  Don't forget to upload the required supplementary documents as outlined in the form.



Fall term requests - Request form and all supplemental documents - 4:00 pm MST AUGUST 15th.

Winter term requests - Request form and all supplemental documents  - 4:00pm MST December 15th.



All requests will be compiled after the deadline date and then sent for review. The review of your request can take up to 2 weeks (not including holiday time). Once the review has been completed, we will contact you by email to notify you of the outcome.

Requests received after these deadline dates may not be able to be processed in time for the University of Calgary course registration deadlines as specified in the Calendar.


*Open Studies Students - students who are eligible to take university credit courses at UCalgary, without being admitted into a degree program. Please click here to view information about Open Studies, how to apply and deadline dates.

I am requesting permission to enroll into:
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Please indicate which semester you are requesting permission to take a SAPL class
In the space below, please craft a thoughtful statement of interest describing why you wish to enroll into this/these courses. Please reference specific details about the course content as they may relate to your own pursuits and interests (e.g. to design, to the environment, to sustainability, to architecture, to planning, to digital fabrication, to home building, to policy, etc.).

Please provide some information on your post-secondary education background, and of any workforce or professional experience that you may have, as it may relate to the course.

Lastly, please explain your future academic and professional goals and, if applicable, please mention any interest you may have in one day pursuing graduate-level schooling, i.e. in what field, at what school, and for what purpose.
Academic Standing
Students requesting permission to enroll into SAPL courses must be in good academic standing. While reviewing your request, the course instructor shall consider the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of your most recent post-secondary studies. Typically, a minimum of 3.00 is required.

Please select either 'Yes' or 'No' to indicate your academic standing based on the information above. If your GPA is below the 3.0, please select 'No'. Your request will still be reviewed and we ask for further explaination below.

If no, please provide some explanation/background, e.g. perhaps your pos-secondary career started porrly because you registered into a highly structured and demanding degree program, such as Engineering or Neurological Sciences. Alternatively, perhaps you have been out of school for some time and working and your professional accomplishments may offset any previously earned low CGPA.
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