Tuition and fees

Learn about how general, supplmentary and tuition fees are calculated.

General Fees

All SAPL graduate students pay the same general fees. Most of these are due on a per-term basis while other fees are due annually. 

Per-term fees include the costs for UPASS, Athletics, Campus Recreation and Student Services. These are normally assessed at $362 in Fall, $362 in Winter and $331 in Spring/Summer.

Yearly fees include the Graduate Students’ Association membership, group insurance, extended health insurance/dental insurance and Graduate Bursary Donation. This annual fee is $789 and normally assessed in the Fall term.

General fees for the year total $1,844. 

Visit tuition section of the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for detailed information

Supplementary Fees

Supplementary fees go towards funding course materials or services. Not all courses have supplementary fees but are required if listed; please check course outlines for more information.

Supplementary fees can be located in three places: (1) course outlines; (2) on the Registrar's Office website in the Enrolment Services section; and (3) on the Fee Statement/Confirmation of Registration in your online Student Centre via MyUCalgary.

Visit Registrar's Office website


Tuition covers standard academic costs. SAPL graduate students pay tuition fees on an annual  basis. For a typical year in a course-based program with a full course load, based on an example of 33 units of graduate-level courses, tuition would be approximately $7,865 for domestic students and $17,853 for international students.

Some MArch and MLA students require a foundation year. 

See below "tuition schedules" for more details. 

Tuition Schedules

MArch, MPlan and MLA – Course-Based Fees

Students in course-based Master’s programs pay tuition on a per-course basis.

MArch Foundation Year 500-level courses:
Undergraduate 3-unit course fee – Canadian/Permanent Residents: $539
Undergraduate 3-unit course fee – International Students: $1,834

All 600- and 700-level courses:
Graduate 3-unit course fee – Canadian/Permanent Residents: $715
Graduate 3-unit course fee – International Students: $1,623

MEDes and PhD – Thesis-Based Programs

Students in a thesis-based degree (master's or doctoral) program are assessed annual tuition fees. All tuition fees are pro-rated over four terms: one-third in Fall, one-third in Winter, one-sixth in Spring and one-sixth in Summer.

Students in the thesis-based Master of Environmental Design program are assessed tuition fees for the first year. After the first year, they are assessed annual continuing tuition fees. 

Students in the Doctor of Philosophy program are assessed tuition fees until the term immediately following admission to Candidacy. In subsequent years, they are assessed annual continuing tuition fees. Spring and Summer are counted as one term.

Tuition fees - Canadian/Permanent Residents: $5,594
Tuition fees - International Students: $12,696

Continuing fees - Canadian/Permanent Residents: $1,628
Continuing fees - International Students: $3,694

Master of Environmental Design (MEDes) (Thesis)

Canadian or Permanent Residents    

MEDes (Thesis) Year 1: $5,593.50
MEDes (Thesis) Year 2-4: $1,627.38

International Students

MEDes (Thesis) Year 1: $12,695.88
MEDes (Thesis) Year 2-4: $3,693.48

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Thesis)

Canadian or Permanent Residents    

PhD, Before Candidacy: $12,695.88
PhD, After Candidacy: $3,693.48

International Students

PhD, Before Candidacy: $12,695.88
PhD, After CandidacY: $3,693.48

* Please note these amounts are based on the tuition fees for the 2019/2020 academic year, and subject to change. Consult the Graduate Studies Calendar or their website for current fees.

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