Next Calgary

Next Calgary is the platform for innovation in co-created content. We are developing strategies for stakeholder participation and implementation lead visions for the city of later. If it’s shared it sticks. This project is curated by Sandra Abegglen and Fabian Neuhaus in collaboration with everybody involved in the different activities. Explore >

Laboratory for Integrative Design (LiD)

LID is an inter-, multidisciplinary group, and operates in areas of overlap between design, its allied disciplines of engineering and production, and other fields, such as computer science, material science, mathematics and biology.

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Center for Civilization

The Center for Civilization is a design research lab and international think tank working at the intersection of cities, society, and civilization. Aspiring to redesign current paradigms and operating procedures of contemporary civilization, the Center develops and executes sponsored design research projects across a variety of media, methods and matter in collaboration with their partners and patrons. Explore >

Solar Energy & Community Design Lab

A cross-disciplinary research group focusing on the holistic design of energy-efficient, resilient, solar neighbourhoods that aims to not only minimize negative environmental impacts in the built urban environment, but also improve quality of life.

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Structural Design Lab

Multidisciplinary group of professionals and academics interested in the design, fabrication, and installation of lightweight structures. Areas of research include deployable structures, tensile membrane structures, and tensegrity structures

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Urban Lab

The Urban Lab deals with urban design, community planning, and urban development. Established in 2000, this is an ongoing experiment in university-community collaboration involving faculty, students and the public.

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History & Theory of Modern Architecture & Urbanism

Significant interdisciplinary academic and archival strengths in the history and theory of modern architecture and urbanism in Canada exist at the University of Calgary to support graduate research and scholarship.

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Cities, Policy & Planning Lab

The Cities, Policy & Planning lab was established in 2004 as a research initiative facilitating partnerships with academics, students and professionals interested in interdisciplinary research on a wide variety of planning issues. 

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