Workshop and Facilities

We invite you to explore the facilities resources that are offered by SAPL!


laser engraver

Laser Engraver

The laser engravers may only be booked one week in advance.  A new schedule opens every Monday at 9:00 a.m. Laser cutters are available 24 hours a day.

    3D printer

    Rapid Prototyper

    The Rapid Prototyper may only be booked one week in advance.  A new schedule opens every Monday at 9:00 a.m. The 3D printer is available twice per day: 9:00 a.m. and/or 4:00 p.m.


      Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Router

      The workshop has two CNC machines capable of separate types of milling. You will have to consult with a technician prior to booking to determine which machine is best suited for your task.

        laser cutter


        Room and Resource Bookings

        To reserve on campus, contact SAPL reception at 403.220.6601. To reserve at the CBDLab, contact Jes

        Photography studio

        On the fourth floor, the School provides students with a fully-equipped photography studio.


        • PF2110: Capacity of 15 with podium

        • PF2140: Capacity of 30 with podium

        • PF2160: Capacity of 100 with podium

        • PF2165: Capacity of 50 with podium

        • PF3160: Capacity of 50 with podium

        • PF3175: Capacity of 22 with projector

        • PF3176: Capacity of 18 with projector

        • PF3177: Capacity of 16 with projector

        • PF4140: Capacity of 20 with projector

        • PF2145: Gallery


        • Computer in the PF2170 Lab: Reservations are not available at this time.
        • LCD Projectors: Contact SAPL reception or Jes.
        • Schedule a Conference Call: Contact SAPL reception.

        Meeting Rooms

        • PF2107: Capacity of 12

        • PF4160: Capacity of 11

        • PF4173: Capacity of 10

        • PF4192: Capacity of 14


        • Event Hall
        • Gallery
        • Meeting Rooms
        • Classrooms


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