Youjung Kim

Assistant Professor

Dr. Youjung Kim joins SAPL as an Assistant Professor of Planning. Youjung holds a Master’s Degree in ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and a PhD in Urban and Regional Science at Texas A&M, completed in 2019. He also has professional experience as an Urban Designer in Seoul, Korea where he completed an MS Degree in Urban Design.

Youjung joins the faculty from Concordia University’s Geography, Planning and Environment department, where he has been teaching representation methods, urban ecology and urban planning in the developing world. His research interests include land use change prediction modeling, environmental planning, flood vulnerability, community/urban scaled design and scenario planning for climate change.

Dr. Youjung Kim

Contact information 

Master of Science in Urban Design (Seoul National University)
Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design (Columbia University)
Doctor of Philosophy in Urban and Regional Science (Texas A&M University)

Research Interests
Land Use Prediction Modeling
Environmental Planning
Flood Vulnerability
Community/Urban Scaled Design
Scenario Planning for Climate Change

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