Mary-Ellen Tyler


Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler was Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary from September 01, 1998 until June 30, 2003. She holds interdisciplinary graduate degrees at the Masters and Ph.D. level in environmental science and natural resource management. Dr. Tyler has worked in both the private and public sector as an environmental planner and ecologist and spent ten years with the Federal Government in British Columbia working with Indian and Northern Affairs in resource development impacts assessment, local government development and intergovernmental resource management issues related to comprehensive land claims negotiations. During her academic career, she has held tenured academic appointments at both the University of Waterloo and the University of Manitoba and has taught in the areas of Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design. Prior to moving to Calgary in 1998, Dr. Tyler was Associate Dean of Architecture at the University of Manitoba and acted as Head of the Departments of Environmental Design and Interior Design. Her current areas of research, scholarship and professional practice are in urban ecology, sustainable urban design, urban watershed management, ecological restoration and urban environmental management.


Mary-Ellen Tyler

Contact Info
+1 (403) 220-7591
Professional Faculties 2105


Research Interests

  • Biosocial system complexity
  • Ecological design
  • Ecological restorations
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental planning
  • Environmental policy
  • Sustainability
  • Urban ecology