May 21, 2015

UMake a Difference Awards

Academics and staff commended by peers for their exemplary efforts as recipients of U Make a Difference awards
U Make a Difference
U Make a Difference

Receiving praise from a manager or colleague can be a very professionally rewarding experience. Eighteen very worthy University of Calgary employees experienced first-hand the glow peer recognition can bring as recipients of a 2015 U Make a Difference award.

Announced at the annual recognition gala on Tuesday, the spotlight shone on this diverse group of academics and staff recognized for their leadership, and for their efforts in making a difference to their respective teams, departments and the university overall.

“At the University of Calgary, we believe that with the right circumstance and ample opportunity, anyone can be a leader,” said University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon. “We proudly encourage a culture where individuals can live up to their potential, strive for excellence and support the growth of others. The recipients’ leadership skills and readiness to go above and beyond help propel the University of Calgary towards our ambitious Eyes High goals.”

U Make a Difference awards are bestowed on employees whose extraordinary efforts and contributions are acknowledged by fellow colleagues and peers.

In 2015, 51 team and individual nominations were submitted and then reviewed by a selection committee. This process yielded the final 18 recipients who, according to their peers, demonstrated excellence in one of the following areas: 1. Collaboration and communication 2. Innovation and curiosity or 3. Positive work environment or community. 

Dianne Gereluk 

In a rare, if not unprecedented, instance, Dianne Gereluk was nominated for a U Make a Difference award by the entire Undergraduate Programs in Education support staff team.  In addition, several academics supplied testimonials as to Gereluk’s caliber, with one even comparing her to Winston Churchill for her skill at making everyone feel that they can do anything..

Jim Baker

Jim is an Administrative Assistant in the faculty and is the “go to” guy. When the Offices of Teaching and Learning, and Research were moving, Jim ensured they had all necessities well in advance and made sure to check in to ensure everything transitioned smoothly.

He shares of himself without hesitation and he is abundantly caring in everything he takes on, making the work environment the best it can be. He demonstrates in his work and interactions, a strong commitment to Werklund School and its members.

Kinga Olszewska

As a Research Facilitator, Kinga has a unique role that supports all members of the Werklund community. She goes above and beyond to establish positive and trusting relationships, especially with newer faculty members and post-doctoral scholars trying to develop their identities as researchers.

She actively seeks out funding opportunities for specific research projects and creates an atmosphere of excitement within Werklund, she is unfailingly positive in her work and her enthusiasm is contagious.