March 9, 2020

Continuing Education students can now access relevant and timely career resources on new platform

Site resources include blog posts, job sites and learning opportunities specific to students’ career interests
Screen shot of uConnect web page

Career Communities on ContEd Career Planning platform.

Adult learners who wish to strengthen, expand, or pivot in their careers look to University of Calgary Continuing Education for courses and programs to help them achieve their career goals. With a large percentage of Continuing Education students juggling jobs and families in addition to pursuing professional development opportunities, they can now complement their studies by accessing timely and relevant career resources, through a new career development platform
The full range of job opportunities and curated career resources are aggregated and categorized in digital ‘career communities’ aligned to career interests such as Business, Management and Leadership, Communications and Design, and Occupational Health and Safety. This approach allows students to find career-related resources, blog posts, job sites and learning opportunities specific to their career interests all in one place on the Continuing Education website.
“One of our strategic priorities is to strengthen our community by offering opportunities for professional growth and advancement,” says Sheila LeBlanc, director of Continuing Education. “In launching a highly accessible and user-friendly space to access career development resources, we are enhancing our fulfillment of this strategy and responding to the requests of our community.”

To build the new career development platform, Continuing Education partnered with uConnect, a leading provider of career services systems for higher education.

Continuing Education can help you navigate your career development opportunities with this new offering.