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Workshops + Facilities FAQs

Workshop Service Request

Make a workshop request

  1. Fill in the Workshop Service Request Form.
  2. Submit completed form to
  3. Submit your work order(s) by Friday to have it articulated the week following.
  4. Once parts are completed, Shop staff will notify students and schedule a time for pick up.
  5. Students should be prepared to pay for the materials during pick up.
  6. To pick up and pay, please go to the laser room doorway (PF 1102). The POS system is no longer in the front office. 

Workshop Price List

Click to download PDF

Print Room

To keep everyone safe and healthy for Fall Term, SAPL has made the difficult decision to not provide student access to the plotter room. Most course instructors have restructured their courses as to avoid printing. If you do need to print, the faculty has made arrangements with some printers to offer discounted student printing:

Plotter Tips

Looking to optimize your prints? Check out this tips and tricks video!

Remote Computer Lab

Due to distancing requirements, the computer lab is not available to students this term. To remotely access the computer lab:

  1. Launch the FortiNet VPN client and connect to the UofC General VPN using their University credentials
  2. Launch the Remote Desktop application and enter the computer name they wish to connect to
  3. Login to the remote computer with their University credentials

Unfortunately, you cannot schedule or reserve a computer or know in advance if a computer is already in use. If a computer is already in use, a pop-up message will appear. Please try another computer.

For additional support, please phone IT at 403-220-5555 or chat live

Why a Workshop Service Request Form this term?

Due to the requirements around social distancing, students are not allowed to enter the workshop this term, and potentially the winter term, to create, build, or use the facilities under any circumstances. 

How will the shop operate this term?

  • Production will be based on a scheduled process determined by the course requirements/deliverables in each studio, working in relation to the other studios, so staff can alternate weeks according to particular studios requirements. Please adhere to the processes outlined to help all students receive the deliverables they need from the shop. 
  • Shop staff will not be building models but articulating the parts needed for you to build your models either in your home or designated workspace area so please allow for the additional time to meet you deadlines.
  • This protocol is intended to keep workshop staff as safe as possible and to operate continuously throughout the term without any disruptions from illness. We have two full time technicians, one part-time technician and two student workshop proctors assisting with student deliverables over the school year. 

Thank you for working with us to facilitate a successful term.

Supplies + Vendors


Polymershapes 403-250-1670

Laird Plastics 403-250-9298

Industrial Plastics and Paint 403-252-8368

EM Plastics

Smooth-On Plastics (casting supplies)


PJ White Hardwoods 403-243-4747

Windsor Plywood 403-202-3132

Mountain View Building 403-242-0404

Timber Town 403-288-5323

Lumber King

Upper Canada


Home depot

Hillhurst Hardware 403-283-3333



Princess Auto

Lee Valley Tools 403-253-2066

Ecco Supply 403-295-4234

Calgary Fasteners

Essentra Components

Richelieu Hardware



Metal Super Market 403-720-2267

Ryerson 1 800-661-8554

Russel Metals Inc.  403-279-6600

Reliable Tube Ltd.   403-236-7800


PM Hobbycraft 403-291-2733

Model Land 403-249-1661

Action Hobby 403-236-5098



Print Your Mind 3D 587-226-2645

3D Printing Canada


Print Your Mind 3D 587-226-2645

Fuse 33 Makerspace 587-818-6253

TFDL – U of C

University of Calgary Maker Multiplex- Schulich School of Engineering

Protospace (Makerspace) 587-774-5672

Affordable 3D

Calgary 3D Printing


Busy Bee Tools (403) 250-1986

Canadian Wood Worker (403) 255-8743

KMS Tools (403) 457-3537

Princess Auto (403) 250-1133

Home Depot




Tools for Model-Making

SAPL recommends that students have tools for model making. You can find all of these tools at local stores, for possibly better pricing; some Amazon links have been provided to help you get started! 

Model Making Twist Drill - Twist Drill Precision Spiral and/or Fine/Good Precision Casting Jewelry Plastic 

Needle Nose Pliers, Side cutters,

Super glue and Activator

White Glue

5 Minute Epoxy

Masking Tape

Model Making Ruler - stainless double-sided ruler set and/or 3 Pack 12"/30CM Big Scale & Small Scale Aluminum Metric

Wire Bender

Small Combination Square

Carbon Paper for transferring drawings

Spring Clamps

Printing instructions for SAPL and CBDL + Refund Info

If you have experienced issues with the plotters and feel you are owed a refund the Unicard office handles this themselves as they are able to check if a refund is in fact due to you, please click this link and complete what is required:


Print Tutorial link:


These are the steps to print posters of 18"x24" and larger:

  1. FIND: Make sure you find a plotter that has paper and is not low on ink 
  2. SUBMIT: Submit your print job in one of the workstations
  3. FUND: Make sure your UniCard has sufficient funds 
  4. RELEASE: Log into the Release station with your UCID submit your print job 
  5. PICK-UP: Find your print job in the specific plotter you selected in step 2


***Do not interfere with Plotters, they automatically print & cut your documents 


If you have experienced issues with the plotters and feel you are owed a refund the Unicard office handles this themselves as they are able to check if a refund is in fact due to you, please click this link and complete what is required:

Printing Instructions

Workshop FAQs

How will international students/remote students make their models without access to the workshop facilities on campus?   

Students are encouraged to seek out workshop facilities near them, but instructors will consider students' access to facilities and adjust model making requirements accordingly.


Will we be paying for the services  that the shop is providing? Materials for 3D printing and/or laser cutting? Will the shop be doing cutting of other materials upon request?

We will ensure that students who do not have the ability to access the workshop are not responsible for fees related to workshop use. Nathan Tremblay will offer a session during Orientation for students on Workshop use and will be able to answer additional questions at that time.