Photograph of an empty UCalgary gym

June 4, 2024

Active Living launches sensory friendly workout time

Are you more comfortable working out in an environment with reduced noise and soft lighting? Active Living has the space for you!

 Active Living is excited to offer a sensory friendly open workout space every Wednesday from 1 — 3 p.m. at the new Research Exercise Centre (REC), KNB 190. This initiative is designed to create a private and comfortable environment that caters specifically to individuals with sensory sensitivities, allowing them to engage in physical activity without experiencing the typical sensory overload. 

What does "sensory friendly" mean? For many individuals, particularly those with autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorders, traditional workout environments can be overwhelming. Bright lights, loud music, and crowded spaces can cause discomfort and anxiety, making it difficult to focus on exercise. Sensory friendly environments aim to mitigate these issues by offering modifications that create a more soothing atmosphere.  

At the Research Exercise Centre (REC), this means soft lighting, headphone-only music, and a low maximum capacity to ensure ultimate comfort. The REC, separate from the Fitness Centre, is free to all students and adheres to a strict drop-free zone policy to minimize sudden loud noises, maintaining a calm workout space. These adjustments help create a peaceful environment where everyone can feel at ease while exercising. 

Join Active Living every week to experience an inclusive workout environment that prioritizes your comfort and well-being. Register for free today.