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Learn about SAPL and what the school offers:

  • SAPL Information Sessions, Open Houses and Webinars: Chat with students, professors and administrators and connect with them. Learn about what architects, planners and landscape architects do, and the impact they have on building a better, socially-conscious future. Ask about what makes our programs stand out: block courses, international study abroad programs, the student experience, and see for yourself what students are exhibiting in our galleries.
  • SAPL Portfolio Sessions: Review your in-progress portfolio with a professor and get feedback on your application portfolio before submission. 



Open house, portfolio and webinars sessions will start up again in September. Bookmark this page and visit again in late August - or drop us a line at


For additional information about admissions, contact:

Jennifer Taillefer 
Academic Programs Coordinator

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Your Success Matters

It takes more than books and buildings to deliver a world-class education. Who you learn from matters. We are privileged to have energetic, distinguished program faculty who are passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders in environmental design. They are teachers who practice, and practitioners who teach. 

Students benefit from small class-size ratios and the opportunity to connect with future employers in the classroom as well as in the wider world. Our real-life studios give you the chance to help develop real solutions to real-world problems while building your portfolio. Workshop and fabrication labs foster a hands-on culture of makers and doers, allowing you to put theory into practice and preparing you to meet the expectations of today’s employers. 

Chat with us, visit our spaces, and learn about how you can work with industry leaders.

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Scholarships and Awards

To help fund your education, you're automatically considered for entrance scholarships and awards upon application — but there are a few scholarships students need to apply for individually.