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If you're a current UCalgary international student, newly-admitted UCalgary international student, or a recently-graduated UCalgary international student, your best resource is the university's International Student Services (ISS).

Email ISS directly using your UCalgary account at

Please note they are only able to advise current UCalgary students or recent UCalgary graduates.

ISS is also posting information in response to frequently asked questions related to the COVID-19 situation on this site

If I have questions related to being an international student, who can I ask?


Do I need a visa to take online classes?  

No. See Contact


How do international students pay tuition fees?


What if my visa application is rejected? Will my tuition fees be refunded?    

Yes if you withdraw from your courses/program by September 17, 2020, except for a $500 non-refundable deposit.


Is study permit approval required before starting online instruction?    


I'm an international student, new to Calgary, and I have so many questions about banking, housing, mobile phones, grocery shopping and what it's like to study at the University of Calgary.

If I begin my studies without a visa application or study permit approval, will it affect my course requirements or my PGWP Visa?    



Can International students be TAs or RAs without a visa?    

No, students need to have the appropriate visa/permit in order to work as a TA/RA. New international students who don't have a study permit (and therefore won't obtain a SIN) will not be hired as GATs, GANTs or GARs. They can fully start their studies remotely from their home countries without a study permit, just not be hired/employed by the UofC. Any funding they receive has to be put in their tuition accounts.