Sessional Lecturers

Week-Long Lectureships

For over a decade, invited academics and practitioners have co-led week-long lectureships to students, through the generous support of the Taylor, Gillmor and Somerville Lectureships. The 2018/19 academic year brought the three lectureships together in March 2019, culminating investigations from three perspectives (history and culture, fabrication, and social architecture) into a shared topic of inquiry.

Gillmor Lectureship

The Douglas Gillmor Visiting Lectureship invites a prominent historian or theoretician to give a series of advanced seminars in architectural history and/or theory. It was established to recognize the contributions of Emeritus Professor Douglas Gillmor, the founding Director of the Architecture Program. The recipient of the lectureship also delivers a public lecture.

This course is only available to students in the Architecture Program, and by special permission of the course manager. The course may be repeated for elective credit. 

Read about how Vittoria De Palma, visiting lecturer explored history and rehabilitation of wasteland during this block week.

2019     Dora Epstein-Jones
2017     Clare Lyster, Chicago
2016     Liam Young, Tomorrow's Thoughts Today 
2015     Dr. David Gissen, California College of the Arts 
2014     Dr. Mary McLeod, Columbia University 
2013     Dr. Vittoria De Palma, University of Southern California 
2012     Dr. Shelley Hornstein, York University 
2011     Dr. Jane Rendell, Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London 
2010     Dr. Angela Piccini, Bristol University 
2009     Dr. Adrian Parr, University of Cincinnati 
2008     Dr. Karen Till, Maynooth University 
2007     Dr. Setha Low, CUNY Graduate School

Somerville Lectureship

The William Lyon Somerville Visiting Lectureship, established in 1992, invites a prominent architect, academic, or critic to direct a design charrette with a group of students. It was established by an endowment given to the University of Calgary by the late Mrs. A.G. Burton of Calgary in memory of her father. William Lyon Somerville, ARCA, FRAIC, FRIBA, was a distinguished Toronto architect. He had a long, energetic, and successful career based in Toronto, practicing for a substantial period under the well-known firm name Somerville, McMurrich and Oxley.

The gift was matched by the University to create a fund for the maintenance of an annual visiting distinguished lectureship program in architecture, within the Faculty of Environmental Design. The recipient of the lectureship also delivers a public lecture.

Read about how the intellectual and creative approach to architecture used in the 2017 Somerville Block Course produced unexpected results.

2019     Florian Idenburg, SO-Il
2018     Grace La, Boston
2017     Mauricio Pezo & Sofia von Ellrichshausen, Chile
2016     Chris Sharples, New York City
2015     Rick Joy, Tuscon
2014     Scott Marble, New York City
2013     Brigette Shim, Toronto 
2012     Michael Weinstock, London, UK 
2011     Adam Caruso, London, UK 
2010     Mark Smout, London, UK 
2009     Hrvoje Njiric, Zagreb, Croatia 
2008     Koen van Velsen, Hilversum, Netherlands 

Taylor Lectureship

The more-recently established Dale Taylor Visiting Lectureship is an intensive one-week design workshop that focuses on digital fabrication, technology, or building science. It is named to honour Dale Taylor, FRAIC, a past Director of the Master of Architecture degree program, and Professor Emeritus. The Taylor Lectureship celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018 with the TaylorX Symposium. Read about the 2014 lectureship with Joshua Vermillion: "Fabrication and simulation expert on campus for student design workshop and public lecture".

2019     Julie Larsen
2018     Dana Cupkova, Pittsburgh
2017     Tom Verebes, Hong Kong
2016     Ellie Abrons and Adam Fure, Michigan
2015     Mariana Ibañez & Simon Kim, Cambridge 
2014     Joshua Vermillion, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
2013     Alvin Huang, Los Angeles 
2012     Nick Puckett, Kentucky 
2011     Drura Parrish, Kentuck
2010     Andrew Kudless, San Francisco 
2009     Marc Fornes, New York

Adjunct Professors

Architecture Program

Alan Collyer, DIALOG
David Down, City of Calgary
David Edmunds, GEC Architecture
Jane Ferrabee, University of Calgary
Rafael Gomez, Moriana        
Martin Jones, DIALOG
Anthony Leong
Keir Stuhlmiller, Group2
Jeremy Sturgess, Sturgess Architecture
Kate Thompson, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation 
Chris Roberts       
Fred Valentine   
Lynn Webster, DIALOG

Planning and Landscape Architecture

Mary Axworthy
Arlene Kwasniak
Benjamin Barrington
Byron Miller
Daniel Jenkins
David Down
Doug Carlyle
Doug Olson
Elizabeth Dickson
Gavin McCormack
James Dewald
Kate Thompson
Kelly Sundberg
Lynn Webster
Martin Jones
Mary Auxworthy
Michael Quinn
Nancy Pollock-Ellwand
Natasha Kenny
Richard Parker
Sonny Tomic
Stanley Rollin
Sunisa Tomic
Tanya Trussler
Thomas Harper
Wendy Thorne

Emeritus Professors

Douglas Gillmor    
Dr. James Love    
Dr. Michael McMordie    
Dale Taylor