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Good Streets-Student Presentations

Fall 2020

Section 01 Dr. Beverly A. Sandalack

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Fall 2020

17th Ave

Pedestrian View Walk-- 4th St SW to 10th St SW

16th Ave

Pedestrian View Walk-- 9th St SW toward 7th St SW

17th Ave

Pedestrian View Walk-- 10th St SW toward 4th St SW

Tomkins Park

Pedestrian View Walk-- Tomkins Park

Lab 01 met at Tomkins Park last Friday to informally discuss and observe a few things about the street and about urban form in general. Unfortunately the video where we all waved hello to those not present was not usable, but we did want to make contact with the rest of the section, so know that we said hello and waved madly to you! 


Tomkins Park & 17th Ave Site Visit 

We talked a bit about these things:

- overall ambience of a place - traffic noise, two-way vs. one-way traffic, number of people walking by (there were lots! the assumption is that many of them live in the area as there is lots of higher density residential on all sides of Tomkins Park)
- differences in sidewalk widths - we measured the sidewalk on the 16th Avenue store frontage as a bit wider than 4 meters - lots of space for people!!
- that side of the street also has a positive “street wall” - more or less continuous setbacks, but with enough variability and lots of entries to make it an active frontage
- the large building on the west end of 16th avenue still has the active frontages, due to the subdivision of commercial units within the block - one big building but lots of smaller businesses, all with different degrees of activity, people going in and out, and visual permeability through large windows or even a completely open facade!
- contrasting this is the large block on the other side of 17th Avenue where Shoppers Drug Mart is located. One big building, much of it occupied by one fairly generic business (drug store) that does not seem to make much of an effort to appeal to shoppers along the street through its big windows.
- we had a bit of discussion about street trees - how important they are for shade, shelter, space definition - the south side of the street has many trees missing (we could see the tree grates that indicate where trees used to be), but the north side of the street (getting more sun, and maybe less impact from traffic and salt pollution) is doing much better and has more regular street tree plantings.
- the video that is posted on line picks up on our discussion of some other points, such as the experience along the street, the kinds of things that make for a good street (people living in the area are important), and a few other personal experiences. All good listening and viewing.

This was all very informal, a great way to connect for those who could be there, and hopefully we can find a way to loop in everyone else who is not in Calgary. Also hopefully we will have a chance to drill deeper into all of these qualities in each of the streets that you study.

1 St SW

Pedestrian view walk--10th Ave SW to 17th Ave SW

1 St SW

Pedestrian View Walk--17th Ave to 10th Ave

10 St NW

Pedestrian View Walk-- 5th Ave NW to Memorial Dr NW

kensington Rd

Pedestrian View Walk--14 St NW to 10 St NW

10 St NW

Pedestrian View Walk--Memorial Dr NW to 5th Ave NW

kensington Rd

Pedestrian View Walk--10 St NW to 14 St NW