Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Typical Major Events

The SAPL Student Association organizes events for three main purposes: social bonding, intellectual growth, or networking/professional growth. This year will be no exception, even if the delivery is slightly different.

Small events throughout the year:

These significantly change year-over-year, but some examples include: puppy visits for de-stressing, yogurt and bagel brunch, potluck and Learn - Featuring research-based students' work.

Please follow our social media to get up to date information on our events.


Fall 2020


Annual General Meeting

  • The SA's "AGM" is an open meeting for all students
  • SA positions are filled
  • Your input guides our high-level approach for the year

Industry Night

  • A night to meet industry professionals from many organizations
  • In small groups, students can ask practitioners questions about what it is really like, and what you should know now

Holiday Social Night

  • A time at the end of the Fall term to celebrate and socialize


Winter 2021



Studio Crawl

  • Professionals check out your work
  • Show off your best: a chance to network and build post-graduation connections

Small Frames Show

  • This silent auction of student creations is in conjunction with the Studio Crawl
  • Students buy small black frames to house a piece of art or design
  • In conjunction with Studio Crawl, attendees bid on the pieces


  • The "Year-End Show" is a gallery-type event for students to show off their creative genius
  • YES is open to students, faculty, and industry professionals


  • This is the afterparty of YES for graduating students
  • A time to reflect and celebrate