MArch Program - Two Streams

The Master of Architecture degree prepares graduates with the educational qualifications needed for professional licensure and rewarding design careers. Graduates are equipped to navigate different contexts, think from multiple perspectives and develop innovative solutions to the world’s design challenges.

Two streams are offered:

1. Three-Year Program

106.5 units

Open to applicants from any undergraduate discipline. Includes Foundation Year.



2. Two-Year Program 

76.5 units

Eligible students entering this stream possess, or are working on, a University of Calgary Minor in Architectural Studies (ARST), or an undergraduate degree accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) or National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

Course Requirements

Below are the course requirements from the grad calendar. The Master of Architecture program is structured around a core studio sequence. Required courses and electives make up the remainder of the program. Successful completion of the MArch must include these academic requirements. 

The sample program diagrams above demonstrate how one could combine options to fulfill degree requirements — but view these strictly as examples of how to complete the degree requirements.

The course offerings from sections d) to g) provide a wide range of elective and selective options. Students will find the most flexibility in these areas when building and personalizing the program to desired combinations, sequences, specializations and interests:

Foundation Year 

  • Architecture 500 Sustainability in the Built Environment (3 units)
  • Architecture 502 History of Architecture I (3 units)
  • Architecture 504 Graphics Workshop I (3 units)
  • Architecture 506 Studio I – Design Thinking (6 units)
  • Architecture 508 Building Science and Technology I (3 units)
  • Architecture 510 History of Architecture II (3 units)
  • Architecture 512 Graphics Workshop II (3 units)
  • Architecture 514 Studio II in Architecture (6 units)

a) Core required courses: 

  • ARCH600 Structures for Architects I (3 units)
  • ARCH602 Introduction to Design Theories (3 units)
  • ARCH604 Leadership in Architecture (1.5 units)
  • ARCH606 Intermediate Architectural Design Studio (6 units)
  • ARCH614 Environmental Control Systems (3 units)
  • ARCH608 Architectural Lighting Design (1.5 units)
  • ARCH610 Structures for Architects II (3 units)
  • ARCH612 Building Science and Technology II (3 units)
  • ARCH616 Comprehensive Architectural Design Studio (6 units)
  • ARCH618 Architectural Professional Practice (3 units)
  • ARCH688 Special Studio Topics in Architecture (6 units)
  • ARCH700 Senior Research Studio in Architecture I (6 units)
  • ARCH702 Senior Research Studio in Architecture II (6 units)

b) 3 units from the Enrichment Lectureship block week courses: 

  • ARCH692 Gillmor Theory Seminar (3 units)
  • ARCH696 Somerville Design Charrette (3 units)
  • ARCH698 Taylor Workshop (3 units)

Note: Upon completion of the requirement, any of the courses listed in b) may be taken or repeated for elective credit. 

c) 3 units from PLAN626 Urban Design Theory (3 units) or ARCH675 Urban Systems (3 units).

d) 9 units from: 

  • ARCH680 Special Topics in Architecture (3 units)
  • ARCH682 Special Topics in Architecture (1.5 units)
  • ARCH684 Special Topics in Architecture 1.5 units)
  • ARCH686 Special Topics in Architecture (3 units)

e) 3 units from ARCH690 or ARCH694 Studio Research Selective (3 units).

f) 4.5 units from: 

g) 3 units of elective credits from other courses offered by SAPL or the University of Calgary at the 500-level or higher that relate to individual interests in Architecture.

Visit the grad calendar for full course requirements and program details.

Should you have any questions, email Jonas.

Curriculum Update 2020 - Summary

Designers are increasingly being asked to respond to the most critical challenges and opportunities that face the world such as mass urbanization, climate change and social injustice. SAPL's 2020 curriculum updates provide students with specialized knowledge and hands-on, industry-led experience, and cultivate the ability for graduates to intentionally design thoughtful, integrated solutions for objects, buildings and places in the decades to come:

Curriculum changes affect students starting in the 2021/21 academic year and onwards.


Studio 2019, CBDLab

Studio 2019, CBDLab

Final Project by Youness Yousefi 2018

Laboratory of Integrative Design

Hamel studio work

Studio work

Meridiem, installation led by Laboratory of Integrative Design for the Edmonton Zoo's Festival of Light.

Studio work

Studio work

Senior Studio 2018

Senior Studio 2018