MPlan FAQs

1.    Online Application Form
a.    Supporting documents are not uploaded to the online application form. The form is only for contact and degree information, and program questions. This is also where the contact info of the referees is entered. It’s important to submit the online application form well before the application deadline, because once the form is submitted the system sends an automatic email with instructions to the referees. If they receive this email close to the deadline, chances are they will be late.
b.    Once the online form has been submitted, the applicant will receive an automatic email from Grad Studies. This email contains the applicant’s UCID number, a reminder to pay the application fee, and instructions on how to upload supporting documents via the myUofC portal in the applicant’s Student Centre.

2.    References
a.    If I’ve been out of school for a while, can I use more than one professional reference?
Yes, but it’s ideal to have at least one, preferably two academic references. If you have taken any courses since your Bachelor degree was conferred, those instructors can give references as well, depending on the nature of the course. The committee wants to hear how well you would perform academically at the graduate level as much how strong a planner you might make. If it’s absolutely impossible to submit an academic reference, then three professional references is acceptable.
b.    Can I submit a fourth reference?
Yes, but it will have to be emailed from the referee to, they won’t be able to complete the online reference. The form is on the MPlan admissions web page.

3.    Portfolio
a.    What is the admissions committee looking for in the portfolio?
An illustration of the applicant’s creative ability and/or potential through previous studies, work or other experience. You may also include examples of research skills, community action or volunteer activities, professional work, notated photographs, or ideas that support the applicant’s statement of intent or interests in the Master of Planning at the University of Calgary. Applicants with a design background, or related planning/geography/GIS experience can demonstrate this graphically using previous academic or professional work. Demonstrate the ability to read and understand space. If you do not have any of this type of experience, it is recommended you take one or more introductory art or design courses.

4.    Examples of Writing/Work
a.    Can I upload more than one example of writing/work?
Yes. If you want to upload more than one example of work (written essay, published paper, thesis, design project, consulting report, etc.) then they must be combined into one pdf document, with a brief table of contents at the beginning. It’s not recommended to upload a 150 page document, so if you have more than one example, and some of them are long, take an excerpt from them instead of including the entire piece. The example(s) of writing are very important. The committee wants to see strong writing skills.

5.    CV/Resume
a.    It says a CV is optional, I just finished my undergrad and haven’t really worked, should I still submit one?
If you have any kind of work or volunteer experience, or are a musician or high caliber athlete, this things indicate your life experience and also time-management skills. So unless you only have your Bachelor degree and babysitting in high school to put on your resume, it’s recommended to submit one.

6.    Statement of Interest
a.    What should I talk about in my statement, and how long should it be?
The statement should be no more than 2 pages in length – there are no spacing or formatting rules, as long as it’s legible. The committee wants to hear about your interests and why you want to pursue the MPlan degree. They want to see a connection drawn from your background and personal experience to what you will do with your Planning education, how it will assist in achieving your personal and professional goals. Your statement is an opportunity to provide information not found elsewhere in your application. Aim to highlight something that might make you stand out in comparison to other applicants, something that makes you different or interesting. We do not provide examples of Statements to prospective applicants.

7.    Transcripts
a.    I have international transcripts and it’s difficult to obtain a new set from my university, do I have to submit them now?
You can scan your copy of your transcripts (and English translation if applicable) and upload them as your “unofficial transcripts”. If you are offered admission, you would be required to submit the official hard copy sent directly from your university by mid-summer to confirm your place in the program.
b.    I did my Bachelor degree at UofC, do I still need to submit an official transcript?
Yes, if you are offered admission, we ask that you order an official transcript be sent to us (it’s free!). 

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