MLA Student Work

A collection of featured student work from some of the different Landscape Architecture classes in the MLA program.


SQUARE4 - Xinyu Chen (Ava)MLA 1 – Site Planning Studio

The site located at 12 St SE along the Bow River with a significant topographic change. The design aims to build a 4-seasonal public square incorporating with the existing construction, which contains a cafe, a public washroom, and a bike rental. The designed circulation system integrated with the existing walking/biking trail. The plan creates easy access with the public realm and maximizes the vegetation coverage. A water feature is designed at the riverbank. In a certain time period of a year, the differently levelled waterfront feature provides the opportunity for people to entertain with the river by taking advantage of the river richness.


RE: WALLACEVILLEJackson Brandt - MLA 2

Re:Wallaceville is about re-using of the fabric from various deconstruction projects in High River that have taken place, and will continue to, due to the devastating effects of the 2013 flood. The primary materials used will be crushed concrete, steel, lumber, fallen trees, and old hydro cables. These elements will be used to create 3 types of structures on site - gabion spurs which act as erosion control elements on the riverbank that also provide river access points, vine-covered memorial structures which recall historic building footprints, and gabion benches placed along pathways that serve as places for people to sit and reflect on the past events of Wallaceville.


MEANDER THROUGH HIGH RIVERYi Zhu – MLA 2 - Regional Landscape Systems

The town of High River as the name suggests is a town that has a history of floods. The project is located at the Wallaceville neighborhood in High River, or rather, the remnant of this neighborhood. After extensive damage in the big flood of 2013, several neighborhoods like Wallaceville were demolished and were returned to un-developable land.The design challenge is to capture the short history of the few generations who lived on the land and blend it into the future of the town. Create a public realm for people who lived there as well as people from the entire town.



Stay in the Badlands is an alternative campground, situated amongst the  alluring hills of Midland Provincial Park, right outside of downtown Drumheller.  It challenges traditional ideas of camping and begs the question: When does landscape become architecture? With a series of domes meant to resemble the natural topography of the region, constructed with a mixture of ancient and modern building techniques, the camp grounds goals are to bring together diverse groups of people, keep visitors in the area longer creating economic opportunities for Drumheller, and add to the diversity of accommodation options in the region.   From the dinosaur museum to the Star-Trek museum, Drumheller has always been a 
site of paradoxes.  Playing with the ideas 
of the prehistoric age and the space age, this campground is designed to spark both  conversation and contemplation.