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An undergraduate-focused architecture/planning/landscape architecture club at the University of Calgary

What FDAP aims to be

FDAP is an undergraduate-focused architecture, planning and landscape architecture club that aims to bring together University of Calgary students who share interests in design. Our club emphasizes providing opportunities for learning fundamental technical skills in the design field such as software and professional development skills.

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FDAP beginnings...

FDAP beginnings...

Meet and Greet

We met at the Last Defence Lounge (LDL) to introduce new club members and to celebrate the start of a new Architecture Club; something that was really lacking on campus. 

Urban Planning Workshop 1

Our very first urban planning workshop, hosted by Ivan Osorioavila (MPLAN '21) and Lucía Blanco (MLA '22), provided undergraduate students with an introduction to the field/graduate program of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. Students participated in Urban Planning exercises, allowing them to explore new perspectives and ways of thinking when faced with an urban planning problem.

FDAP urban workshop

Undergrads Gregory Campbell and Angelica Becerra at the 9 Block media launch in SAPL’s City Building Design Lab.

City Builders

Undergraduate studios provide an opportunity to be  involved in projects like the 9 Block initiative, a partnership between the University of Calgary and The City of Calgary to create a safer, more dynamic city.

FDAP urban workshop