Course Waiver/Exemption/Advanced Credit Request

Newly admitted and current students sometimes realize that a required course in their degree program is equivalent to one or more courses that they have already completed in a previous degree. Alternatively, student may have prior and extensive work experience or professional background that directly relates to the course material and content. In these cases, students may be eligible to receive a waiver, an exemption, or advanced credit.

Information provided within this Course Waiver, Exemption, or Advanced Credit request form will help the instructor(s) to evaluate your request.  Please complete everything in full and include the uploads of supplementary documents that are required to support your request.  Requests are subject to review and approval by the course instructor(s) and Associate Dean / Graduate Program Director.


Deadline date for submission of this form and all supplemental documents for waiver/exemptions/advanced credit for Fall course requests is AUGUST 15th.

Deadline date for submission of this form and all supplemental documents for waiver/exemptions/advanced credit for Winter course requests is NOVEMBER 15th.

The review of your request can take up to 4 weeks. Once the review has been completed, we will contact you by email. Requests received after these deadline dates are not able to be processed in time for the University of Calgary course registration deadlines as specified in the Calendar.

Please select the program that you are in or have been admitted to (if a new incoming student)

Waiver/Exemption/Advanced Credit
Please select the appropriate category for your request as listed below:
apply to Foundation Year courses in the Master of Architecture and the Master of Landscape Architecture degree programs. It is NOT NECCESSARY to replace waived courses with other courses of equal credit.
apply to required M1 and M2 core courses in any of the professional master's degree programs and to the Minor in Architectural Studies. Exemptions are granted based on completed course work that applied toward a previous degree - or on prior work experience or professional background. Unlike a Waiver, it IS NECCESSARY to replace exempted courses with other courses of equal credit.
applys towards required core courses, or elective course credit requirements, and granted based on completed coursework that DID NOT count towards a previous degree, i.e. the advanced credit is recognized as "extra" to an earlier degree program. This includes credit that may have been earned as an Open Studies student here at UCalgary.
Please indicate which course(s) you are requesting to be waived, exempted or advanced credit.
Course Details
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Statement of Rationale
This request is based on (choose one or both):
If chosen, please list all previous completed equivalent courses from other institutions. Please include the course code, number and title for each of the courses. Equivalent courses must be from recognized institutions, with a minimum earned grades of 'B-' or higher.
Previous completed coursework
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In the space below please describe your experience in detail as it relates to this request and provide us with the contact information of your employer/supervisor so we may contact them for reference and verification.
Previous work experience/professional background
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In addition to the request form, please include copies of the following documents:

Academic Transcripts - unofficial copies of transcripts from previous course work. (Required)

Course Outlines/Syllabi - from previously taken equivalent courses. (Required).

Samples of portfolio work, major course assignments, final projects etc. if applicable (Optional).
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