Combined/Between, Yves Poitras

Combined/Between, Yves Poitras


Creating synergies in disparate typologies, from the single-family home to the neighbourhood centre.

From the suburban neighbourhood to the downtown core, many North-American cities have evolved through an attempt to rationalise and categorise the built environment into discrete elements. Infrastructure, housing, workplace and public realm have each become considered through a separate and unique lens. Through this approach, we have missed the opportunity to place the human experience at the centre of the city-building discussion. Combined/Between explores how we can reach across conventional typologies to stitch together the gaps in our urban fabric and create new opportunities to live work and connect.


Yves Poitras is an alumnus from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape in Calgary and the recipient of the 2015 Prix de Rome for Emerging Practitioners. After Graduating Yves worked at the Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative before spending time abroad working at Amanda Levete Architects in London.