Our mission is to help support and build capacity for decision making on land use & development issues.

The Advanced Professional Planning Studio (EVDP644) is the capstone studio on the fourth and final semester of the Master of Planning program at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL). The goal of this studio is to integrate all the learning that has taken place during the previous three semesters into one comprehensive project. The subject of study and project site is carefully selected to provide a complex planning and development challenge.

In 2013 a formal collaboration agreement between the Federation of Calgary Communities (Federation) and SAPL’s Master of Planning Program was signed. With this agreement in place the Federation has become the linking agency between the Program and Community Associations that are interested in participating in this studio (EVDP644).


The City of Calgary is a strong supporter of this collaboration. Through the Urban Alliance, described as “a strategic partnership between The City of Calgary and the University of Calgary to promote the seamless transfer of cutting-edge research between The City and the University, for the benefit of all our communities” (Urban Alliance Website), the City shares access to all available data including census, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), vector drawings, aerial photography, traffic counts and relevant reports.


There is a long history of collaboration between our school and the community. This studio (EVDP644) is one more example of SAPL’s strong commitment to serving the community where we are located, providing a valuable service and knowledge dissemination, while Community Associations contribute to the teaching and learning of our students.


This website is also a repository of all the work completed since 2013. The list of participating communities and the final reports from the students are available on the Projects page.


Teaching Team

The course is lead by two professors who act not only as instructors but also as project managers and coordinators. Each professor works directly with a group of no more than 15 students. The teaching team works closely with the Federation throughout the year leading and initiating the process. 

Current teaching team:
Prof. Francisco Alaniz Uribe (2013 - current)
Dr. Fabian Neuhaus  (2019 - current)

Past instructors:
Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler (2016 - 2018)

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Partnership Explained

The project requires dedication and input from several partners which participate throughout this collaboration at different stages.       

School of Architecture, Planning and Landcape (SAPL)

The studio Instructor initiates the process and leads a group of students throughout the project providing structure and close supervision. Students work individually or in groups during the semester driving their own projects with frequent feedback from our partners.

Federation of Calgary Communities (FCC)

The FCC facilitates communication to Community Associations, assists in evaluating the most appropriate community partner, and provides continuous support to the project.

Community Association (CA)

The CA members will play an integral role in project leadership and representing community residents. Members at large will participate at different stages of the process providing valuable input and working closely with students.

City of Calgary

The City supports the project by providing free of charge, current and valuable data for the students to develop their ideas. Members of the City's Planning and Development and Community Neighbourhood Services teams will also be part of reviewing panels that provide valuable feedback on the student's projects.

External Consultants

External planning consultants with no vested interest in the community will provide guidance to the project sharing their valuable planning experience in our city.


The Process

Discover the process; how do we select a partner Community Association, what does the engagement process look like, and could this program work for your community?

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Browse the project library and see the great work that has been accomplished since the first project in 2013!

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