Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Post-baccalaureate certificates are multi-course programs of study that help you establish a recognized expertise in a specific area of practice. 

Post-baccalaureate certificates are for-credit, university programs consisting of a curriculum of courses completed over one to two years. Graduates receive a formal certificate acknowledging their successful completion of the required coursework. Certificates are designed to be taken part-time by working design professionals. 

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape offers two post-baccalaureate certificates.

Built and Landscape Heritage Certificate

The Built and Landscape Heritage Certificate advances professional practice in heritage conservation. It explores links between heritage conservation theory and practice through the lens of research, policy analysis and design intervention at different scales — from a single site to a broad landscape complex.

This certificate is designed for early and mid-career practitioners in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, engineering and related disciplines. Students can continue to work during their certificate studies, while completing three block courses and one self-directed study within one year. 

Industry input provided a clear blueprint for the curriculum, resulting in relevant study for today’s practitioners. Canada’s Historic Places Initiative along with the supporting frameworks provided by international, federal, provincial and municipal agencies also informed development of the curriculum.

Designing Smart and Secure Communities

Making communities more intelligent and safer is an increasingly important issue as citizens expect ever increasing levels of “smartness” from all levels of government, while also feeling secure in their everyday lives. There is currently a great deal of controversy and subtlety in this area. Aggressive measures like video surveillance on every street corner may provide security, but at the expense of individual liberty. This would be antithetical to the goals of a smart community.

To address these issues, the Faculty of Environmental Design is launching a new graduate program that provides valuable theoretical and practical insights into how to be both safe and smart. It draw on substantial expertise within the University of Calgary, augmented by experts from sources including the Safe Design Council®.

Outcomes and next steps

Enhanced capabilities in both Smart and Secure Communities for practitioners, policy makers and consultants. The certificate will enhance the practice of professionals including architects, landscape architects, building designers, consultants and policy makers, and also, upon successful completion, confer the Accredited SAFE Design Professional™ certification.