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You will hear your professors emphasize that students truly learn the most from each other.  We are unbelievably lucky at SAPL to have such a diverse array of talents concentrated (normally) under one roof.  COVID-19 has undoubtedly disrupted many of the opportunities to communicate and engage with peers.  Despite being fragmented physically, we hope to come together digitally and cultivate the same collaborative design environment.  Meeting one another and making new friends remotely may not be easy, but hopefully this web page can help!

Students are encouraged to explore various profiles to begin getting to know each other!

If you don't see your profile and would still like to submit one, please send your details to design.matters@ucalgary.ca.

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Program Leads (Associate Deans/Graduate Program Director)

Barry Wylant
Catherine Hamel
Mary-Ellen Tyler

Please reference the school's people page for a comprehensive overview of faculty and staff.

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